Best Investment Ever!

Howdy there!

I am on the Metropolitan Train headed home, its 20:43pm BST.

Loads of people around me… And my mind wonders…

At one point in my life my dad was drumming in my ears about the need to invest: Invest for your future, buy land, build something, put money away, but…. I was still struggling to pay my bills, how could I Invest in something else..?

You may be in this type of predicament ; where you know at your age you are ‘supposed’ to have invested in something and yet.. Yet.. Even after cutting down on Starbucks and meal planning, you still are struggling to pay some of the bills, so where and how do you start investing?

The number one thing you should start investing in I found out through much soul searching is YOU!

In this age of information and technology – it’s easy to find your own mentor, in books, audio tapes, YouTube.

Set yourself new challenges, like reading a book every day for 20mins or learning a new skill every month, listening to motivational /inspirational speakers every day.

Invest in you and you will soon notice that the more you invest the more opportunities start to show up, or perhaps you become open to opportunities…

Try it today!

Go out and invest in you, remember investment need to mature, so give yourself time but keep putting in the knowledge, the skills.

You are your best investment!

Cheers.. I alight at the next stop!

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