For You or Against You?


Howdy there!

Tonight I am tucked in my bed, the weather has been wet and windy! My kind of weather!

There are routines you have every morning or every evening right before bed..

Do you recognise your routine?

The other day I walked into my hse and noticed it wasn’t that tidy and well I didn’t enjoy the smell of it..

What could have caused the neglect?

Well… I had made excuses, we don’t recognise when we start making excuses, it starts off with things like.. “I have been working late” therefore I am not able to do the washing up or the tidying up..

Oh I haven’t had time because…. (insert reason)

Most of these reasons (cough excuses) are really genuine but they lead to an unpleasant road ahead..

So I made the decision to have my place tidy and smelling wonderful..

And all of a sudden… I do have the time!

Just one simple task every evening and my house will be the Haven that I long to go to.

I only need to be consistent and not allow that monster of excuses come close.

When you are in need of something you will make it happen nothing withstanding!!

Do you recognise your daily disciplines? Are they working for you or against you?

There was a time I would wind the evening up with a movie or a TV series.. But that wasn’t doing me good, now I wind the evening with a book, or motivational audio/video, now that does me good!

Evaluate your life, your daily routines in the morning and evening are they working for you or against you? To better you or to diminish you?

If you were to change one habit.. What would it be?

Now go change it! 🙂

Live Love Learn….

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