Goal Setting… To Tell or not to tell?

Hallo there!

My one goal tonight was to watch a Disney movie..

My dear hubby and I went to a Turkish restaurant, I ate quite a bit and now I just want to sleep and relax.. My movie plans have been thwarted!

This has got me thinking about goal setting.

Let me ask you..

Do you set goals? and if you do.. Do you announce them to friends, family etc?

I have been wrestling with the idea of whether to talk about one’s goals or not?

Some people say you should talk about your goals while some schools of thought believe that you shouldn’t let your goals be known..

What are your thoughts on this?

I tend to keep some of my goals to myself especially the seemingly ‘big’ ambitious ones. When you tell someone who has never reached that goal they may discourage you/laugh or scorn at you… some may even encourage you.. But more often you find naysayers..

Other times I do not want to tell my goals then I won’t be accountable to anyone.. Oops! 😕Guilty!

I also have this weird belief that if I tell someone then I have jinxed it and I will not achieve it… aaargh.. I need to get this belief off my head!

However in the end what really matters is that you have the guts to stake everything to obtain your goal..

I love watching athletes; their performance, the great lengths they go through to achieve that number one spot, Or beat a record.. The stamina, tenacity, relentlessness is awe inspiring to me, it is exactly the mindset you need in order to achieve all that you ever desire.

So next time you set a goal do all you can to achieve it.. And today before I go to sleep I must watch a Disney movie, it was my goal for this day and I must achieve it!

I know you will achieve all your goals and I am cheering you on.. Now keep going!

Live learn love!

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