Hey there!

Happy days….!

It’s late in the night… Chilly night! I seem to write my blogs in the evening, it’s my me time.

Let’s chat about I AM….

I AM.. Is the most powerful name there is, for whatever you put after I AM you become it.

I can bet you, you have said things or heard others say things like.. I am sick, I am diabetic.. I am broke… Etc etc etc..

The Good Bible tells says ” let the weak say I am strong”

Moses asked.. Whom shall I say sent me? Reply was.. Tell the Children of Israel that I AM that I AM sent you.

Are you conscious of how you use ‘I AM’?

I used to say I am exhausted after work.. But I stopped that and instead would say I will rest well and be rejuvenated; I hardly feel exhaustion and I get to rest well every night.

Take notice of how others use I AM.. And observe their life – that will make you aware of your own use of IAM

I AM is a beautiful name which should not be taken in vain.

I AM….

Live Love Learn…

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