Hey there!

Happy days….!

It’s late in the night… Chilly night! I seem to write my blogs in the evening, it’s my me time.

Let’s chat about I AM….

I AM.. Is the most powerful name there is, for whatever you put after I AM you become it.

I Believe that I AM is the true revelation of God, it is the name of God that should not be used in vain, and we do use it in vain – a lot of the time.

I can bet you, you have said things or heard others say things like.. I am sick, I am diabetic.. I am broke… Etc etc etc..

The Good Bible tells says ” let the weak say I am strong” Why would the bible tell the weak to say I AM strong?

I believe the word is telling us that even when feeling weak – by assuming ‘I AM strong’ you invoke the power within you to give you strength and soon you shall walk in strength and that Power within you is GOD,

Moses asked.. Whom shall I say sent me? Reply was.. Tell the Children of Israel that I AM that I AM sent you and it is forever the name of God.

Are you conscious of how you use ‘I AM’?

I used to say I am exhausted after work.. But I stopped that and instead would say I will rest well and be rejuvenated; I hardly feel exhaustion and I get to rest well every night.

Take notice of how others use I AM.. And observe their life – that will make you aware of your own use of IAM

I AM is a beautiful name which should not be taken in vain.

I AM….

Live Love Learn…

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