I Yearn…..

Have you ever felt that longing feeling in your heart, almost like a heart that’s bleeding…?

You want to reach out but you have no clue who or what to reach out for?

You’re being called to do something, yet you don’t know what or where to start!

Almost like you are unfulfilled in an area in your life and it is calling you… A yearning for something.

I’ve been feeling this way for a while …

Deep down inside we do know what the heart desires, but we ignore, we make excuses, we shut off, we run the opposite direction, we doubt ourself……But It CALLS

 it’s this blog/website that has been calling me… I know.

I miss writing my thoughts here…..yet I have questioned myself loads of time, wondering – do I have anything worth to say? I’ve made all sorts of excuses – I am running out of them,  

 my heart calls – I can’t ignore!

Hello World…

I am back…

Don’t know for how long,

I hope it is for the long run.

I plan to run the race and finish it strong will you join me?

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