Half-Truths that Keeps Us Spinning in Circles

It is Sunday Morning, a bit foggy outside – not as cold as the past days!

I’m in the living room, having just woken up! it’s been a while since I woke up this late (7:30am) huh!

When I was growing up – my parents, especially my mom made us wake up early, I mean if you got up after 7am you were officially LAZY!

My dad would give stories (lecture us) on how rich people and CEO’s driving Mercedes are on the road at 6AM , we should strive to be like that.

I believe this put in me the drive to be successful – but without the tools it can be a frustrating road! It’s like trying to dig a huge hole with a spoon!  

You see… we were made to believe that this ‘lifestyle’ will come if only you wake up early and really work hard.

Hardwork meant physical labour…. If I woke up very early and cleaned the entire house – then I was destined for the CEO lifestyle – that’s a half-truth and for a good chunk of years, I pursued this ‘CEO’ lifestyle without the right tools – it was like chasing your own tail!

However, it instilled in me the discipline of waking up early something I still do to this day.

BUT…there comes a moment where the spinning round in circles got to stop. I’ve seen people still chasing their own tail even at 45yrs or more You’ve got to STOP and EVALUATE…

The Lifestyle you desire demands you to become a different person, a different way of thinking. It means a change of MINDSET – this is one of the most challenging area to change, because it bids you to go out of your comfort zone.

A change in mindset means a whole new outlook to life, dropping old beliefs that are deeply ingrained in you, it almost feels like you betraying your parents, for sometimes you will find you have to go against what they taught you – that you believed as gospel truth.

Are you ready? understand exactly what you really want in Life – Evaluate where you are in life and where you want to be.

Make a ROAD MAP/ BLUEPRINT and the tools you will need to get there.


Go and JUST DO IT!

There will be naysayers, there will be fake fans, there will be those who discourage you and there will be new acquaintances who will become family… keep going!


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