Confessions Of A Bookaholic

Hi My name is Ana and I have a confession! But first..

How are you friend? How was your day?

Can I share something with you?

I love reading books. I notice when I tell people that I love books 99% assume it’s novels…. No honey, I read a lot of books relating to business, finance, marketing, neuroscience fascinates me – anything to do with the mind, love/relationships, spirituality etc.

Now to my confession – I noticed a habit that has slowly but surely creeped in, You see… I was very disciplined with my reading, a book every week-Now! I’ve got about 7 books which are half read! ??????‍♀️When did this happen!!!

So I need help I must confess, How did I end up here? this also reflects in other areas of my life… As my mentor says “the way you do one thing is the way you do everything”

Well I need accountability , so here’s what I’m going to do…….. Listen on

Every week starting this week (it’s Sunday the 13th of Dec 2020) I’m going to be writing a post on the book of the week, this will be the book I will have just completed reading – share my best bits and highlights.

How does that sound? Is that a fair deal?

Where will you find this book of the week blogs?

On this Page Known us MY SOLO BOOK CLUB

This will be week 1. After week 52 the countdown starts from 1

So here we go…

Next Sunday I should have a summary of my week 1 book.

Cheers to me and you for being my accountability partner.. 🙂

Now let the fun begin! Lol

Ps… Please tell me you do this as well so I can feel better about this habit?

Psss… Join me on this movement – or club and let’s make it fun.

Psssss… Stay tuned

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