Say No To NEW YEAR Resolutions…

Hi There Friend!

it’s 2021!

I am in my living room, heaters blasting hot, it’s (-1) degree Celsius.

Having a hot cup of Gingerbread Latte from Nescafe…. with Short Bread cookies from M&S, a Croissant and a book – my kind of breakfast brunch.

How can you describe your 2020?

We all have had different experiences for the past year, Such is life!

A roller Coaster of Events; some more intense than others, some much more fun, while others devastating and destructive others… smooth sailing baby! buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Last Year unknowingly I started the year with a new word sort of like an affirmation for the year.. that word was restoration. 2019 had been a hard year for my Partner and I we had reached rock bottom, so I thought 2020 better be the year of Restoration, I must say I have seen restoration happen in lots of areas in my life; work, finances, business – there has been restoration! THANK You GOD IN ME!

I believe this is better than having resolutions

Be Honest with me – have you ever stuck to your New Year Resolutions or Accomplished them? ME? Never!

So now you are looking at your belly or the hips that don’t lie, perhaps you walked up the stairs and can’t seem to catch your breath, you are saying to yourself ‘this gotta change’ can’t keep eating like this! Geez I need to be more fit’! so with those thoughts you make your NEW YEAR NEW ME resolutions. and Your List looks like this. 1. Start eating right, 2. Exercise 3 times a week, 4. Lose….STOP RIGHT THERE HUNNY

Now let’s go to the end of 2021 – how would life look like at the end of the year when you already have achieved your ideal weight, you are sprinting up those stairs like road runner and your jeans fit right, your friends are complimenting you saying how lovely you look, asking what you did, you’re there smiling, proud of yourself…….. cheers suckers buddies ! I had NO new years resolutions that’s how!


I had a Word for the YEAR!…..

What Word Will that Be? Let that word come through you!

Once the word comes through it is SEALED, SETTLED, SET IN STONE and you Cannot DARE change it!

Permit me to share my word of the Year 2021


This is my wish for you reading this.. That you may experience BIRTH. A Birth of your dreams and desires! May You receive wonderful news.. And May Miracles come and astonish you…!

Thank YOU.

Now Comment or write to me what WORD of the Year came through you?

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