4 Simple Hacks To Lose & Maintain Weight


Have you got a cat(s)? – My cat woke me up before 4am! was very persistent, I had to get up! and now the little monster is on my bed having the cutest nap ever! GRRRR!!!!

Well in those wee hours of the morning, my mind got thinking…

See.. I am really tired of people talking about how they have added weight and will be going on a diet beginning of the year…this happens every other year it will happen again in 2022 but I am all for permanent solutions, this is for those ready to end the cycle.

What if I told you – you don’t have to suffer this fate any more?

What if I gave you a hack to keep the weight down all year through?


We’ve been taught that breakfast is the most important meal – eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and supper like a pauper! BS!

as Albert Einstein said: You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it!

Albert Einstein

A change in habit requires you to be open minded and be ready to test other things that may go against your set of beliefs that said….

No solid food should be eaten early in the morning – yes porridge is counted as solid food,

You may have a drink of your choice, start with a glass or two of water, if you have to eat let it be a dish of fruits.


If possible, the first meal, lunch, should be eaten between ten and eleven in the morning, and supper not sooner than five or six in the afternoon. Another very important rule, is SIMPLICITY, in other words do not mix too many kinds of food at one meal. Count the number of items on an average meal – it’s startling! I try to keep it at two things, 3 at most! One type of Meat with Vegies only, or A potato or two. A starchy meal no meats with Vegies. by the way the quantity on the plate does not matter as such, as long as you keep it simple – 2 to 3 items of food.


If accustomed to tea or coffee/juices, wait a short while after you have eaten before drinking – Ideally 30minutes.

Soups should be avoided with meals, as the more liquid taken the more difficult for proper digestion – this is such a norm where I work ! soup is a starter meal SMH! Please be kind to your digestive system!


Meats – yes Red and White meat, I read it takes 72 hrs for any type of meat to digest, now imagine if you’re piling meat in your body everyday? it will be hard for your body to fully eliminate the meat. Eat sparingly!

Rice: I wish I could scream out loud to the world to stop eating too much rice! but there you go….eat sparingly.

Cereals and Flours: Bread best if toasted – wheat flour and brans are better than white flour. Cereals that are well baked/toasted are great – its the added stimulants that destroy the good properties of cereals.

Potatoes are far much better than breads/flours and contain more mineral salts.

Eat plenty of Greens, Salads, Vegetables with your meals. Drink plenty of water in-between meals. Use this to calculate how much water you need to drink . https://goodcalculators.com/water-intake-calculator/

Now go forth and make these changes in your lifestyle and see how easily you drop that weight and you maintain your ideal weight forever…did I say forever? forever ever? yes!

Disclaimer: I am not a health guru or nutritionist, I am sharing what has worked for me and those who have chosen to follow this way.

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