Week 3: The Rules to Wealth.

How’dy Friend!

I was in Costco one day and this book grabbed my attention, I flipped through the pages and I knew I wanted to own it… It called me!

Now why would I be reading a book on wealth…? Because I want to Be IAM wealthy it is my God given right.. And I want to learn how to manage my wealth, no one has taught me, so what better way to learn than from people who’ve been there and done it!

Thank you Richard for taking time to write down years of knowledge in this simplified read.

But darling what wealth have you got… Well honey haven’t you heard the adage “take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves? It’s about being a good steward of my finances.

The book is Rules to Wealth by Richard Templar. ( A personal code for Prosperity and plenty)

Anyone can be wealthy – you just need to apply it yourself, most people are too lazy to be wealthy (GASP!) imagine that!

How do you tell someone working long hard hours, having one day off – but still has more month than money that they are lazy?

There are principles and behaviours the rich have and you don’t (yet) these are what separate the wealthy and the not so wealthy!

The concept of money comes with a lot of baggage to most of us. There is an inherent belief that it is good or bad and the wanting it is good or bad. So maybe… just how we think about wealth might be holding us back from having wealth!

If in our hearts we believe that money or the pursuit of it is bad even evil then chances are we will undermine our own efforts unwittingly to get lots of it.

The lovely thing about money is that it doesn’t discriminate.. Each and everyday starts with a clean slate, doesn’t matter what you did yesterday, today begins anew and you have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else to make as much as you want. Money can’t judge whether you are ‘worthy’ or not

The book is about challenging your perceptions of money and the wealthy!

The rules of wealth are the guiding principles that will help you generate more money, handle it more Wisely, grow it more effectively and use it to live a happier, more fulfilling and comfortable life.

Well friend if you dream of having enough money, never to worry about it ever again.. Then you need the Rules of Wealth!

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