How To Get The Most Out Of Your Books in 5 Easy Steps.

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It’s not Sunday! it’s actually Tuesday evening, it’s been a cold couple of days, but that’s not the reason this post is late!

First let me know…

How have you been?

I am in my living room, cat is upstairs somewhere, I’ve taken a week off work and it feels wonderful!

Now the other day I jumped into a live facebook call with one of my mentors, guess what he was talking about?? …..


How to get the most out of your books, I was mind blown! it has since changed the way I read books.

So today I will share with you what GOLD I got from the call …. it was a relief for me in a way and I want it to be a relief for you too.

Without following any order …. here are the main key points.

  • You do not need to read a book from start to finish!
  • There is NO rule that you must finish a book – This is an old belief mindset that teaches you to consume a book VS getting value from it. The Brain can only retain enough information, make this information count don’t dump it with much more than it can retain.
  • Pick 100 Books that will be your Life Instructors!
    Think of these 100 books as your Encyclopaedia; Books that will instruct you for the course of your Life! Now this was mind blowing to me and very practical.
  • Read Books From the Top of the Toppest! By this I mean pick books from the most time tested top player in the industry you are reading. For example if its Investment – Go to Warren Buffet read his books, Business – Sam Walton etc. Got to the Top of the Cream.
  • Build Your Library Over Time – No You don’t need to got to and purchase all 100 books . This right here has probably saved me a load of money and time as I tend to read a lot of what I call low hanging books instead of buying a quality time tested book. Divide your Books into categories (Health, Wealth, Spiritual, Relationships)
  • Be The Robinhood Of Education: Read like you are hunting for gold, like you ‘stealing’ from the rich to make yourself rich aka be a Robinhood – Pick Gold for yourself. but you not stealing really….


It is called Smart Reading because you take in the content you need at the time!

Introduction and Last Chapter are the most important.

What’s your goal with this book? You get this from looking at the table of content – this gives you a feel of the book, what chapter sparks your interests? – go read that chapter.

There are however, some books that you will need to start and finish, you will know what books.

It’s funny because when I was little – this is how I used to read books until I was shown otherwise! and here I was beating myself for having half read books I even wrote about it here. I always go back to the books and re-read or continue from where I left.

So friend has this helped you in any way? let me know in the comments

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