How Much Should You Be Spending on Fun Vs Focus


Hey There Friend!

It is a lovely sunny day here! I am out basking and soaking in some much needed Vitamin D!

and so is my cat Nevy:

How are you?

Now the other day I was going to pick hubby up from work, there was so much traffic! So I decided to use another route.

Tap tap on my google maps, and Boom – another route found. A route I am not quiet familiar with.

But.. I trusted google maps to take me to my destination!

Boi! was I nervous!

Do you ever get nervous or just anxious when driving on unfamiliar roads?

Or does the thought of going to an unfamiliar place get your nerves worked up?

I was so focused on the road and getting the right turn that when I got to a familiar road, I breathed a sign of relief!

It felt like I was holding my breath most of the way!

I was so engrossed on the route that I never got to enjoy the journey.

I can’t tell you of any nice landscapes, I can’t describe the lovely houses, or people I saw, perhaps the streets were paved in gold and I missed it!

This got me thinking; the way you do one thing is the way you do everything

I asked myself where in life am I driving like this and missing the fun stuff?

The answer is…….

In my business! I am starting a few online businesses, I’ve been so absorbed in the process, that I haven’t had a moment to stop, breath and enjoy the scenery!

Every God given minute that I can spare is all focused on this one thing! I’m buried in my work!

But… today I am reminded to STOP, BREATH, HAVE SOME FUN!

and fun for me is writing to you!

Where in your life do you need to take a break and breath?

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