10 Powerful Phrases That Can Transform Your Life TODAY!

Dear Friend!

How are you doing?

It’s Sunny Sunday Morning here in the UK, I’ve been up since 6AM – I love that quiete time in the morning, I get more done then.

I recently listened to a podcast; It was about the phrases we speak, It’s something that’s been made aware in my life.

Did you know the phrases you speak can easily tell someone whether you are needy/negative or determined and positive?

Do you know the phrases you speak also determine the trajection of your life?

Words are tools of creation, the words you speak express your true feelings .

The Bible says Death and Life are in the Power of the tongue.!

Monitor your language for ‘needy’ words like I need to do this and that, I want to go there, we should do it, I’ll try, I don’t have time,

Replace these phrases with these 10 Powerful words. ingrain them in your speech patterns and watch your life transform!

Take 3 a day and choose to use them


I choose to be healthy and strong

I choose to build a successful business that inspires millions of people

I choose to be rich and abundant..

You are invoking purporseful intention

Most people say – I Should be healthy, I ought to be rich… I shouldn’t eat chocolate. These are not action phrases Substitute this with I CHOOSE, ( I choose to eat an apple) Be in control of your destiny, what you choose is what you will manifest.


I have the power to make this happen…

I have the power to build an unstoppable business

I have the power to write my first or next book…

I have the Power is magical – there is a subliminal indication that something is inside you that is very powerful.

( Greater is He who is in me than Who is in the World)


I am confident that I will be making more money than I can imagine

I am confident I can do it

I am confident I will buy my first house in cash.


Get rid of the needy language – ‘I want‘ replace it with I desire!


I expect only the best!

I am going for an interview – I expect only the best

My Child has exams – I expect only the best

A couple of days I go I was driving home and thinking there will be traffic jam, but I caught myself and instead spoke the words ‘ I expect No traffic Jam’ guess what? there was traffic Jam, but guess what? I managed to dodge the traffic and got home like there was no traffic jam!


I am committed/ I am certain


Too often we tend to say we do not have time, in the morning I had the habit of saying I don’t have enough time to get ready for work, but that narrative has changed, I make the time, I have the time.

I am busy can’t make it – I will make the time.

  • I KNOW
    I think I can do it – I know I can do it.

Comment Below with the phrases that have really struck a code in you.

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