The Year of Gratitude 2022

It’s four days to the New Year 2023! and guess what? we will be talking about the word of the year.

I’ve realised I didn’t write my word of the year in here. The word was/is GRATITUDE

Going through life being grateful for all, the good the bad, the ugly it’s all part of God’s big plan, for often times when we think life is going crazy and turned upside down, that’s when God/ the Universe is preparing you for that great change in life, it’s preparing you for your next chapter which will be much better than you could ever imagine!

So, I’ve learned and still learning to be grateful for all things!

It’s been an year of growth and for the first time in my life, I know what I want in my life, I can clearly articulate what I want in a relationship, in my career, finances, family…. I’ve found my voice really and with that comes the confidence to pursue that which we desire.

Having experienced great disappointment and let down from close friends made me realised that they are really playing their part in this unfolding of my life, they are not disappointments rather they were there to show me what my heart truly desired and it was not what they were offering and with that you can be grateful for all and move on. This one took me a while to grasp and even forgiving is not that easy it’s a process though.

So friend… how was your 2022? and what you looking forward to in the next year?

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