New Year 2023

Three years ago, I started something…

Instead of writing affirmations or new year resolution – I would start the year with a word for the year. I’ve had the year of restoration, year of birth, year of Gratitude and for this year this word has been niggling in my mind, it’s an area in my life that I want to really transform, it’s a transformation that is necessary and an area I’ve struggled with a bit even looking back on this blog I can see the struggle.

Every successful person will tell you that consistency is KEY, that you would rather do 20 min reading a day every day rather than an hour once a week, that consistent action is what moves the needle, I know this yet I often do not practice it. I feel like it’s more to do with my mental state, a discipline of the mind. I have a twin who consistently goes to the gym and the same consistency shows up in his side hustles and anything he does, I feel that whether he knows it or not this consistency has created in him a resilience and a discipline in sticking to something until you get the desired results.

On the other hand, I have been consistent for a few days even month then I stop…lol so I would really love to feel that consistency in my life, how many times have I written here that I will be blogging more often? and have I? no…consistency, with that comes goals, having goals and following them.

For example in November I had a goal for one of my side hustles to make £1000 a month, I reached that goal in 3 weeks, then £2k in Dec, and I got to that before the 10 of Dec, then I got to £3k… With this came the realisation that effort I put plus consistency everyday = success.

I put in the work no excuse, even on my long days at work I would come home and put in the work, my eyes were open to the potentials! and by now you should have guessed my word for the year!

The word is CONSISTENCY!….. I am consistent in every way and every area of my life! Lets check back next year this time round and see how I went about.

If you were to pick a word for the day…what would it be?

Comment below….

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