Habits Make or Break You ….!

Hello Friend!

It’s been such a mild winter, I am in my home ‘office’, it’s nearly 11pm, here I am talking to you!

I Had an epiphany today as I was listening to a 20 something year old guy dish out some profound wisdom. I’ve linked the full clip down below.

He became a multi-millionaire at age 21, and he lists down the 7 habits that got him there.

  • Reading a book every week and executing all that you are learning.
  • Acquiring High Income Skills
  • Building an abundance mindset …etc

I Will let you watch the whole clip down below. but the point that really spoke to me was about Character

Focus on character rather than income

Say you want to become a millionaire – majority of us start thinking of hustles that will get us to that millionaire status, or software we need to implement to take our business to the next level when truly it is all about you, it is who you are at this moment that will determine whether you will reach that next goal. The other stuff then takes care of itself,

To achieve any goal – say you want to earn £10k a month, you’ve got to ask yourself – whom do I need to become in order to make that kind of money?

Some goals require us to totally transform, while others require us to change just one habit or two – it all depends on your goal!

It was such an epiphany for me because I recently signed up for a 6 week fit body challenge, and this is because – for me to achieve my next goal, I’ve got to bring my A game… my A game in this goal I have set means that I need to bring in mental clarity – this requires me to change my eating habits. I need to have that mental stamina – that relentless spirit/attitude, I need energy and that requires a fit body!

So if you’re wondering why you are stuck in a loop and can’t get to the next level….. the question you’ve got to ask yourself is… Who should I become in order to reach that goal? look into your habits/Characters and you will find a sneaky habit in there that is stopping you from moving on to the next level…. it’s so simple but not easy!

Now who do you need to become?

Watch the Full Clip Here…

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