Are Cold Showers Good For You?

Howdy Friend!

It’s Monday, a cool winter evening – wet outside but not raining.

Can I ask you?

Do you take cold showers at all?

If you asked me this a couple of years back I would give you a resounding NO and NEVER WILL.

See I went to boarding school, they never provided hot water unless you were sick, so cold baths it was (there were no showers actually) and I dreaded it! I make up for those 4 years of cold showers with extremely hot showers through out the year!


Today I am here to tell you….

YES I do take cold showers even during Winter!

What Could Have Possibly Made Me Change My Stubborn – can’t tell me what to do Mind?

Have you heard of Wim Hoff? if not, you know our best friend Google? ask him he knows a lot.

He is the one that got me into cold water therapy! He is extreme though! but he has proved himself he gets the gold medal.

I can certainly attest to the benefits! Yes hot water has it’s benefits too but add cold water and you have a whole mix of glorious benefits for you and your body!

Now Google is great and will tell you the benefits if you want to follow up on this, I am here to tell you that cold showers are absolutely amazeballs!!!

I’ve just had a cold shower and was inspired to write about it here….

That’s it folks! Good night and happy cold shower days!

Ps…if you try it let me know how it goes.

pss…one of my friends tried it, she said she nearly fainted and couldn’t breath! haha

Don’t be like my friend – there is a technique to it – have your hot shower first then finish off with cold water, take deep breaths while having the cold water running down, don’t over do it the first time, 15 secs is enough really gradually increase the time.

That’s it folks

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