You know the new shiny object on social media…..

Tik tok

But First…..Howdy Friend!

Tiktok can be so fun, so addictive, waste your time, learn new things that you won’t remember a week later….the list is endless, I have a love/hate relationship with Tiktok

However, I must admit I do try hacks that I see on there…the garlic hack was a total disaster for me.

I recently watched two college or Uni girls talk about something they started doing and it worked for them like MAGIC.

These girls started saying this phrase every time, anywhere, whenever something happened to them!

and with the phrase they noticed bizarre (in a good way) things happening to them!

So I thought I would try it…

Let me tell you….

It bizarrely works! you Go try it!

So all you’ve got to do is always be claiming/saying/affirming this: I AM LUCKY, EVERYTHING WORKS OUT ( I tend to always add for my good) but that’s essentially it!

When in traffic and thinking you will be late for that appointment – just think and say I am lucky, everything works out! When the job makes you redundant, just say it I am lucky and everything works out! Oh the stories I’ve got since starting to do this!

Friend…I got to go Now!

Promise me you will test this ‘hack’ and let me know your outcome!

Adios Amigo!

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