Hey Hey There! Its winter here, days are much shorter, it gets dark by 4pm – grey days, foggy days (I love em) freezing sunshine, but such is life. I once said I would be writing more often … But… let’s just say, I will be here when I’m here and that for me works! No pressure! ?? So What are we on about today? I was in the shower…do you get great insights in the shower? Maan the conversations I have in the shower with myself are just full on Spiritual Guru ,Wisdom filled type of sh!t I’m not the same person when I’mRead More →

I was once binge watching on a show (you can judge me later) – the show is love is blind. It is an experiment to see if you can fall in love with someone without seeing them – just by talking to them over a wall, and then propose and marry them within 3 weeks or something like that. So one of the girls after going through the courting, proposal and day of their wedding….she said No and she said she chose herself…. Wondered what that meant – I choose myself, was this a selfish move? It’s later you realise you’ve got to choose yourRead More →