It’s four days to the New Year 2023! and guess what? we will be talking about the word of the year. I’ve realised I didn’t write my word of the year in here. The word was/is GRATITUDE Going through life being grateful for all, the good the bad, the ugly it’s all part of God’s big plan, for often times when we think life is going crazy and turned upside down, that’s when God/ the Universe is preparing you for that great change in life, it’s preparing you for your next chapter which will be much better than you could ever imagine! So, I’ve learnedRead More →

A new year is here with us! Does it feel like this year just sneaked in on you at the very last minute? That’s how it feels here! Today is a good day to reflect on the past year… Do you tend to be so hard on yourself? Are you your worst critic? Going through life being hard on yourself can make you overlook on great things you have accomplished….. So today… I am giving you permission to brag on yourself. Write down all the things you accomplished this past year. Whom did you help? What compliments did you get? What were your accomplishments? DidRead More →

Crypto currency sounds a bit cryptic to majority…. When I first heard about crypto – I thought it sounded scam..y, weird and only for the nerds out there (I Love you Nerds) A friend introduced me to crypto – but I had no idea what to do with it, so I put it in the back burner. Until recently …… A mentor introduced me to THE PLAN by Dan Hollings and I am forever hooked into the world of Crypto! See… Dan like any one out there made the mistake everyone makes and majority are still making…. The advice given is to buy low andRead More →

Did you see my post yesterday? Inside, I shared the “crypto loophole” replay from the training with Dan Hollings…. We’ve gotten amazing feedback on the training! LIVE, Dan showcased how regular people are making irregular amounts of crypto profits, day in and day out. While bitcoin has recently dipped from its previous high of 63,729.50 down to a low of ~31,000… (and most everyone lost a LOT of money)… Dan and his students were making net RETURNS of 38%, 19%, 47%, etc. Can you believe that? That’s because Dan’s proprietary system leverages the volatility of crypto itself. The more the market “wiggles” as Dan likesRead More →

If someone said you could… … invest in cryptocurrency as a complete beginner OR veteran with very low risk… … that you could make profits as high as ~17% in 4 days… … that you could earn whether the market was up OR down… … and that you could withdraw your money at any moment, without a penalty… What would you say to that person? You’d probably tell them to go back to the psych ward… am I right? And I would be right there with you saying the SAME thing, had it not been for yesterday’s training with Dan Hollings. On our training, DanRead More →

Ever heard the phrase… “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” ..? I’m sure your mom told you this before. And up until now? … It has always proven to be true! What I’m about to share with you is going to go against everything you’ve ever been taught…. … everything your grandparents told you would be “too good to be true”… … everything that conventional wisdom tells you to RUN from… So, I suggest you read this twice. It’s the absolute truth (we’ll prove it), and may just completely change the course of your life. You see, I was recentlyRead More →

Hey There Friend! It is a lovely sunny day here! I am out basking and soaking in some much needed Vitamin D! and so is my cat Nevy: How are you? Now the other day I was going to pick hubby up from work, there was so much traffic! So I decided to use another route. Tap tap on my google maps, and Boom – another route found. A route I am not quiet familiar with. But.. I trusted google maps to take me to my destination! Boi! was I nervous! Do you ever get nervous or just anxious when driving on unfamiliar roads? OrRead More →

Hey there friend! It’s been a while, funny how other things in life take over and I neglect you here…really I will be better and communicate more…I know I’ve said this before! arrrgh I refuse to be that person! Yesterday was my birthday, And you may not know it, but I have a twin brother. So I call him to wish him a happy Birthday. Twin Sis: Happy Birthday Twin Bro! Twin Bro: ooh Thank you so much! Twin Bro: By the way remind me – When is your birthday? Twin Sis: Rolls eyes…! Twins sis: actually what a coincidence! we share the same birthday!Read More →

Hallo Book Lover via GIPHY It’s not Sunday! it’s actually Tuesday evening, it’s been a cold couple of days, but that’s not the reason this post is late! First let me know… How have you been? I am in my living room, cat is upstairs somewhere, I’ve taken a week off work and it feels wonderful! Now the other day I jumped into a live facebook call with one of my mentors, guess what he was talking about?? ….. BOOKS!… How to get the most out of your books, I was mind blown! it has since changed the way I read books. So today IRead More →