Cold showers have become a hot topic in the health and fitness community. While the idea of stepping into a chilly stream of water might seem daunting, the benefits are hard to ignore. From boosting your mood to enhancing post-workout recovery, cold showers can be a game-changer for health and fitness conscious adults. If you’re struggling with low energy or finding it difficult to shed those extra pounds, this article is for you. Let’s dive into the science-backed benefits of cold showers and how they can optimize your workouts. 1. Supercharge Your Morning and Boost Alertness When the cold water hits your skin, it stimulatesRead More →

Hey Hey There! Its winter here, days are much shorter, it gets dark by 4pm – grey days, foggy days (I love em) freezing sunshine, but such is life. I once said I would be writing more often … But… let’s just say, I will be here when I’m here and that for me works! No pressure! ?? So What are we on about today? I was in the shower…do you get great insights in the shower? Maan the conversations I have in the shower with myself are just full on Spiritual Guru ,Wisdom filled type of sh!t I’m not the same person when I’mRead More →

I was once binge watching on a show (you can judge me later) – the show is love is blind. It is an experiment to see if you can fall in love with someone without seeing them – just by talking to them over a wall, and then propose and marry them within 3 weeks or something like that. So one of the girls after going through the courting, proposal and day of their wedding….she said No and she said she chose herself…. Wondered what that meant – I choose myself, was this a selfish move? It’s later you realise you’ve got to choose yourRead More →

You know the new shiny object on social media….. Tik tok But First…..Howdy Friend! Tiktok can be so fun, so addictive, waste your time, learn new things that you won’t remember a week later….the list is endless, I have a love/hate relationship with Tiktok However, I must admit I do try hacks that I see on there…the garlic hack was a total disaster for me. I recently watched two college or Uni girls talk about something they started doing and it worked for them like MAGIC. These girls started saying this phrase every time, anywhere, whenever something happened to them! and with the phrase theyRead More →

Howdy Friend! It’s Monday, a cool winter evening – wet outside but not raining. Can I ask you? Do you take cold showers at all? If you asked me this a couple of years back I would give you a resounding NO and NEVER WILL. See I went to boarding school, they never provided hot water unless you were sick, so cold baths it was (there were no showers actually) and I dreaded it! I make up for those 4 years of cold showers with extremely hot showers through out the year! But Today I am here to tell you…. YES I do take coldRead More →


Hello Friend! It’s been such a mild winter, I am in my home ‘office’, it’s nearly 11pm, here I am talking to you! I Had an epiphany today as I was listening to a 20 something year old guy dish out some profound wisdom. I’ve linked the full clip down below. He became a multi-millionaire at age 21, and he lists down the 7 habits that got him there. I Will let you watch the whole clip down below. but the point that really spoke to me was about Character Focus on character rather than income Say you want to become a millionaire – majorityRead More →

Dear Friend It’s been a rainy and grey day today! my kind of day!! I got to be asked a question…and I will ask you this question here.. What is that thing that keeps you going? Some people say – kids keep them going, others say God keeps them going your answer may be different I feel like my curiosity in life and for life keeps me going… It’s a good point to ponder on… So go ahead…let me know what keeps you going?Read More →

Three years ago, I started something… Instead of writing affirmations or new year resolution – I would start the year with a word for the year. I’ve had the year of restoration, year of birth, year of Gratitude and for this year this word has been niggling in my mind, it’s an area in my life that I want to really transform, it’s a transformation that is necessary and an area I’ve struggled with a bit even looking back on this blog I can see the struggle. Every successful person will tell you that consistency is KEY, that you would rather do 20 min readingRead More →

It’s four days to the New Year 2023! and guess what? we will be talking about the word of the year. I’ve realised I didn’t write my word of the year in here. The word was/is GRATITUDE Going through life being grateful for all, the good the bad, the ugly it’s all part of God’s big plan, for often times when we think life is going crazy and turned upside down, that’s when God/ the Universe is preparing you for that great change in life, it’s preparing you for your next chapter which will be much better than you could ever imagine! So, I’ve learnedRead More →

A new year is here with us! Does it feel like this year just sneaked in on you at the very last minute? That’s how it feels here! Today is a good day to reflect on the past year… Do you tend to be so hard on yourself? Are you your worst critic? Going through life being hard on yourself can make you overlook on great things you have accomplished….. So today… I am giving you permission to brag on yourself. Write down all the things you accomplished this past year. Whom did you help? What compliments did you get? What were your accomplishments? DidRead More →