It is Sunday Morning, a bit foggy outside – not as cold as the past days! I’m in the living room, having just woken up! it’s been a while since I woke up this late (7:30am) huh! When I was growing up – my parents, especially my mom made us wake up early, I mean if you got up after 7am you were officially LAZY! My dad would give stories (lecture us) on how rich people and CEO’s driving Mercedes are on the road at 6AM , we should strive to be like that. I believe this put in me the drive to be successfulRead More →

Have you ever felt that longing feeling in your heart, almost like a heart that’s bleeding…? You want to reach out but you have no clue who or what to reach out for? You’re being called to do something, yet you don’t know what or where to start! Almost like you are unfulfilled in an area in your life and it is calling you… A yearning for something. I’ve been feeling this way for a while … Deep down inside we do know what the heart desires, but we ignore, we make excuses, we shut off, we run the opposite direction, we doubt ourself……But ItRead More →

Hey there! Happy days….! It’s late in the night… Chilly night! I seem to write my blogs in the evening, it’s my me time. Let’s chat about I AM…. I AM.. Is the most powerful name there is, for whatever you put after I AM you become it. I Believe that I AM is the true revelation of God, it is the name of God that should not be used in vain, and we do use it in vain – a lot of the time. I can bet you, you have said things or heard others say things like.. I am sick, I am diabetic..Read More →

Hallo there! My one goal tonight was to watch a Disney movie.. My dear hubby and I went to a Turkish restaurant, I ate quite a bit and now I just want to sleep and relax.. My movie plans have been thwarted! This has got me thinking about goal setting. Let me ask you.. Do you set goals? and if you do.. Do you announce them to friends, family etc? I have been wrestling with the idea of whether to talk about one’s goals or not? Some people say you should talk about your goals while some schools of thought believe that you shouldn’t letRead More →

To my right is a mug of hollicks – the malt hot drink that’s meant to make you sleep good… And if you haven’t guessed it, it’s late at night and I am writing this while in bed… Shhhh! There is an inner tendacy in you to want to be great, to be successful- to be so good at something that people admire you for… So we start pursuing this greatness…. We pay so much for education, believing that out of it greatness comes.. However.. As my mentor says Success is not to be pursued it is to be attracted by the person we become.Read More →

Howdy there! Tonight I am tucked in my bed, the weather has been wet and windy! My kind of weather! There are routines you have every morning or every evening right before bed.. Do you recognise your routine? The other day I walked into my hse and noticed it wasn’t that tidy and well I didn’t enjoy the smell of it.. What could have caused the neglect? Well… I had made excuses, we don’t recognise when we start making excuses, it starts off with things like.. “I have been working late” therefore I am not able to do the washing up or the tidying up..Read More →

‘look at the day…! It’s miserable, it’ s a dull day ” were the remarks from plenty of people I interacted with today. In my eyes the day was splendid……..! Wayne Dyer used to say The choice is up to you, it can either be “Good Morning God!” or “Good God! It’s Morning” I believe that the single most significant decision you can make on a day to day basis is your choice of attitude. We have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. Your attitude to all of Life will either cripple your progress or keep you going. YourRead More →

Howdy there! I am on the Metropolitan Train headed home, its 20:43pm BST. Loads of people around me… And my mind wonders… At one point in my life my dad was drumming in my ears about the need to invest: Invest for your future, buy land, build something, put money away, but…. I was still struggling to pay my bills, how could I Invest in something else..? You may be in this type of predicament ; where you know at your age you are ‘supposed’ to have invested in something and yet.. Yet.. Even after cutting down on Starbucks and meal planning, you still areRead More →

You probably answered Christian, Catholic, Islam…etc..and I was all of that at one point. Human Beings respond to one thing and seek one thing only… And that is To Love and Be Loved… It is the essence of Life Therefore the only religion ought to be Love. Love is my religion. Love begins with loving yourself with all your flaws and beauty, accepting you and where you are… then you can give that love to those around you. The loving person has no need to be perfect only human. Promise me/you that you going to love you more everyday? Look in the mirror and insteadRead More →