On the 12th Day of Christmas


It is 12 days to Christmas!

How are you there?

I am in my living room, hubby watching a movie which I can bet you he has watched umpteen times before! Cat is pussyfooting around here (Pan intended 🙂

What plans have you got for Christmas?

Have you done your decorating? Are you the type that decorates?

I started decorating 2 years ago – I never used to! Because that was something my elder sister used to do all the time in our household.

I’m in my own home miles away from home and I couldn’t get myself to decorate.. It made me homesick – but I’ve gotten over that feeling and well…. started to decorate, I KEEP IT SIMPLE though, Yet I admire those who go all the way out to decorate… I one day will do that when I have kids and we can enjoy the process.

Now for Christmas day…. Are you the type that loves to keep and have company?

I prefer to relax in my Christmas Pajamas all day.. Eat lovely food – No I don’t want to be the one cooking!

Sometimes we do visit family (when they insist and you’ve run out of excuses… Grrr hope they are not going to read this)

I’ve never invited people over for Christmas – they can come any other day but I find Christmas to be a day to just lay back relax and reflect on good stuff – I don’t care for presents either! But I love to give good presents 🙂

What’s your Christmas like?

Whatever it looks like be sure to do something you love – Enjoy Relax and Be Merry!

Well we will be visiting family and I actually agreed to it without a fuss…this year has been different and we haven’t got to see much of family.. So while lockdown is eased off we better make the best of it.

Cheers folks..

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