Week 2: The Go Giver Leader/Sells More

Howdy there!

How was your Christmas? I ended up spending mine at work, our Christmas plans were cancelled due to the new lockdown rules! I was gutted. This is the one year that I whole heartedly agreed to Christmas plans with the inlaws and well…well new strain of Covid happened! Welcome to the new normal!

Now… the book of the week, should I say books?

it’s actually two books by the same Author and guess what? it is the same author I wrote about in Week 1 of this Solo Book Club, I simply could not keep his books down, once I was finished with one I wanted to read the next and they are amazing!

The Go Giver Sells more has timeless wisdom on selling, it’s gives a complete overhaul on what majority think selling is and implants a new way of looking at selling, and other terms used in selling such as prospecting etc. I believe by following this great wisdom – you indeed will sell more!!

All I can say is: GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY

The next book is The Go Giver Leader! this little book is packed with nuggets of wisdom about business and leadership, it is a book that will make you want to be a better person! reminding you that leadership is not about you but about the people you serve!

What can I say…. Grab Your Copy today – see how this little book transforms you

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