Metarmophorsis Of Life

Hey Hey There!

Its winter here, days are much shorter, it gets dark by 4pm – grey days, foggy days (I love em) freezing sunshine, but such is life.

I once said I would be writing more often … But… let’s just say, I will be here when I’m here and that for me works! No pressure! ??

So What are we on about today?

I was in the shower…do you get great insights in the shower? Maan the conversations I have in the shower with myself are just full on Spiritual Guru ,Wisdom filled type of sh!t I’m not the same person when I’m in there…is this the same for you?

So I’m in the shower right, and my thoughts just go back to the last 10years of my life…

First it was the thought that a new year is literally here with us, and I could feel such good vibes with this coming year that it took me back to the 10 years that have led me to where I am today.

I realized… It’s like a metamorphosis and the beautiful butterfly ? is about to spread her wings and soar high.

Looking back and realizing every thing that’s been happening to me, was happening for me, it was molding and transforming into this wonderful great butterfly or flower..

The trials, the jobs I’ve done, the people have met all have been playing a role in my life to get me to this place…and each role is unique, some roles weren’t that pleasant but were needed, some just wonderful…taking that leap of faith even when my very bones are shaking, learning to speak up and standing up for myself, being confident in me (still working on it) but proud to say I am enough and can take me to great heights.

The journey has been worth it!the end really justifies the means…

and now I feel ever so grateful for life, the people,the jobs all have been part of a plan…plan for good future, plan to prosper…thank you God in me

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