When My Twin Realises We Share The Same Birthday! πŸ™„πŸ˜‹

Hey there friend!

It’s been a while, funny how other things in life take over and I neglect you here…really I will be better and communicate more…I know I’ve said this before! arrrgh I refuse to be that person!

Yesterday was my birthday,

And you may not know it, but I have a twin brother.

So I call him to wish him a happy Birthday.

Twin Sis: Happy Birthday Twin Bro!

Twin Bro: ooh Thank you so much!

Twin Bro: By the way remind me – When is your birthday?

Twin Sis: Rolls eyes…!

Twins sis: actually what a coincidence! we share the same birthday!

Twin Bro: Really? in that case Happy Birthday!

I know…I know…that was the highlight of my Birthday!


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