Book Of The Week Jan 1

Gary Vee is one of those people you either love or hate!

At first I couldn’t get past his cussing….I really struggled listening to him,… but as years went by people in my circle highly recommended him. He also had more publicity! so I slowly learned to hear what I need to hear rather than be mad at what I consider fowl language!

Gary is ingenious! with a big heart! passionate about life and want people to get off their ass and do something!

I eventually started to closely listen to him and bought two of his books.

It’s his hustle mode that I veraciously loved and enjoyed watching, he goes to different garage sales and flips the items on E-bay! I loved this model so much that I started going to car boot sales – the USA refer this same concept as Garage sales. With the rainy London car boots sales are not always open and it being winter it’s a bit tricky, but I’ve been to some and bought some stuff like books, puzzles, games, which I have flipped on Amazon and E-bay, it is fun, it is addictive and did I say fun? it’s like going for treasure hunts!

He has got me hooked!

Now on to this book… it is one of his earliest one, and still relevant to this day!

This book is for that person that is willing to do whatever it takes for the chance to live entirely on your own terms.

Are you that Person? do your dreams keep you awake all night?

This is for those with enough hustle, patience and big dreams!

Grab your copy and get the full road map to turning those dreams into reality!

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